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Pizza Shuttle Business Accounts are open to business customers who have ordered a minimum of five times from Pizza Shuttle prior to setting up the account. A valid order history will be verified before your business account application is approved. If your business has placed at least five orders, but from different phone numbers, please list those numbers in the Alternate Phone field below.


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Please list all names and titles of the individuals authorized to order under this Business Account.

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Please make checks payable to:

Pizza Shuttle Inc.

1827 N Farwell Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53202


Terms of Agreement

Payment is due 30 days following receipt of invoice. Pizza Shuttle bills business accounts every 2 weeks. If no payment if received within 30 days of receipt, Pizza Shuttle will make its best attempt to reach your Billing Contact to resolve any account issues. If no payment arrangement is reached within 90 days, Pizza Shuttle may take additional action to resolve the outstanding balance on the account.


 I Agree to the Terms of Agreement


Please contact Dawn in our business office with any billing and account inquiries. 

E-mail:    Phone: 414-220-9215    Fax: 414-220-9363